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Our history

The passion for chocolate

“Oh My Pod” is a brand new concept which is entirely dedicated to sharing and opening the world of “fine cocoa and chocolate” to as many people as possible, and which is an integral part of the “fine flavor revolution”.


Why choose Oh my Pod for your training?

Professional experience

Executive pastry chef

  • White Horse - LVMH

  • Alain Ducasse - Chocolate

  • Waldorf Astoria​

  • Grand Hyatt

  • Mandarin Oriental



  • Judge of the International Chocolate Prize


  • International Institute of Cocoa and Chocolate Tasting (IICCT)


  • Certified chocolate and cocoa taster


  • Cocoa and chocolate training

The life of cocoa

Started 10 years ago

  • Creation of 2 cocoa plantations (Thailand)

  • L&D - studies on cocoa and chocolate

  • Journey to the world of cocoa

  • Post-harvest process

  • Agroforestry and sustainability

  • Cocoa supply

Learning and development

Meeting with the best

  • Most famous chef


  • Tasting expert


  • Cocoa Scientist


  • Cocoa producer


  • Chocolatier


  • share with guest

Our mission

Our mission is to promote and support sustainability on the social, environmental and economic model, working closely with the best professionals in the world to select the best chocolate for you, respecting the best practices in agroforestry, ethics and post-harvest.

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