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Our courses: “Cocoa Hunter” and “Chocolate Sommelier”.


Embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of cocoaocolat, tasting a confidential collection of the best chocolate bars in the world, guided by an experienced international pastry chef, certified member of the International Chocolate Award evaluation team.

Our goals

These moments of conviviality are designed to bring you as much information as possible and share the passion for Cocoa and Chocolate.


The world of chocolate


The passion for cocoa


Enjoy a moment of relaxation

Who is our training aimed at?
To schools, families, groups or businesses

Let's take advantage of our "Tasting" course, a dive into the world of cocoa and chocolate for an incredible experience, which will change your approach to chocolate forever, discover the life of a chocolatier with our immersion course, or contact us for any questions request for information, additional information and tailor-made projects.

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