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Training make your own chocolate "Bean to Chef" Concept

Immerse yourself and create "Your own chocolate" like a professional and discover the pleasant life of a "Cacaofèvier", from the bean to your dessert...

Itinerary for making a chocolate

Several steps to build the archetype of the flavor of your chocolate

Introduction to chocolate

  • dégustation de chocolat

  • analyse de la structure

  • profilage des saveurs

  • Définition de l'archétype du chocolat

Equipment and Process

  • Process analysis (% cocoa and sugar)

  • Equipment study

  • Selection of process data

  • Setting up the equipment

Trempe et moulage

  • Viscosity and particle size control

  • Final aroma profiling

  • Tempering and molding

  • Chocolate tasting and comparison

Cocoa supply

  • Variety and origin of cocoa

  • Study of the post-harvest process

  • Flavor profile assessment

  • Selection of beans


  • Sorting cocoa beans

  • Roasting

  • Cracking and winnowing

  • Grinding, conching and refining

Packaging and storage

  • Market and packaging

  • Storage and preservation

  • Guest presentation

  • Debriefing and summary


Whether you are an individual, a professional, a group of friends or a company, we will organize the 2 day course and provide all the tools, equipment and support needed for an unforgettable experience.

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  • 2 days (2 x 8h) Course 

  • for 4 guests

  • within your company

  • International mobility *


Technical support

  • Technical notebook

  • IICCT Flavor Map

  • ICA experience

  • Community Connection

  • HACCP standards and regulations



  • Cocoa grinder (3 - 4 Kg cap.)

  • Cocoa roaster

  • Cracker / Winnower

  • Tools / molds / packaging

Chocolate dessert

What to expect ?

  • Professional expertise

  • Sensory experience

  • Your chocolate bar

  • Share the experience

  • Moment of joy and gluttony

  • Original recipes

cocoabeanroa (1).jpg


  • Selection of cocoa beans

  • Chocolate bar collection

  • Premium Ingredient

Happy customer


  • 800 Euros / 2 days

  • equipment rental included

  • Travel costs not included

 * Travel expenses to be defined

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